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Marketing is changing, and TFM is changing with it. Martech is ever-evolving, and TFM is evolving, too. If you’re in any way involved in the science, technology and art of the marketing process, TFM is not just the traditional place to be, it’s now the essential place to be. Refocused, recrafted and rejuvenated, TFM is an unmissable two-day immersion in what is the now, the new and the not-yet of martech. Not only 100+ of the leading martech providers under one roof. Not just 80+ inspirational case studies. More than a wealth of guest speakers, keynote presentations and interactive sessions. TFM is everything any organisation now needs to deliver cutting edge, laser-targeted, business-winning strategies. And it’s getting better…

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What CloserStill Media also bring to TFM is, appropriately, great marketing. TFM will never have been so effectively communicated. A unique VIP programme will target the most senior marketers – the people from the key organisations with the biggest budgets. The aim: to attract 2000+ VIP attendees. Highly targeted email, tireless telemarketing and direct mail will sell the very special TFM offer of educational content, networking and exhibitor interaction, all wrapped up in total value-for-money. Key industry segments will be targeted with specific messages – FMCG, Finance, Technology, Retail and B2B. And personalised DM will be specifically streamed towards discipline and level of seniority. Targeting over 100 media and industry partners will be a fourfold increase. Delivering more than 100,000 DM pieces will be a tenfold increase. Sending out 10,000,000 electronic impacts will be a fourfold increase. Which all makes the next TFM the most exhaustively trumpeted, segmented and far-reaching event campaign yet.


With the experience, expertise and content-driven philosophy of the award-winning CloserStill Media now with its full weight behind TFM, you can expect a very special event. A vastly improved event. There will be a greater focus on strategic sessions, with a Keynote Theatre supplemented by Future Marketing. There will be an injection of real marketing stories and practical case studies. And all guided by an industry-led steering committee to ensure that every last drop of TFM’s content is there to help visitors develop killer marketing strategy and implement the best in technology. Never has event content been so pertinent and targeted to the marketing sector.
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TFM has quite simply never offered a better place to exhibit. An exhibitor offer that was once tempting, is now utterly compelling. Why? Because of the incredible return-on-investment that TFM offers based on the improved audience. This is now a genuine, filtered and big-spending audience looking for real solutions. And because TFM now offers additional exhibitor coverage, including digital newsletters and the opportunity to be involved in the guest speaker programme. There’s also a simplified exhibitor floorplan, making it far easier for visitors to find just what they’re looking for, easily and quickly. There are also personalised promotion kits to give exhibitors extra publicity as well as the opportunity to nominate prospects to be VIP guests on your behalf. If martec is your business, then put that business front and centre at TFM. 


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