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Our KeyNote Theatre brings together the marketing industry’s key players. Get access to over 200 hours of inspiring and innovative sessions. Topics will cover everything from influencer marketing to marketing strategies and digital marketing, to harnessing intelligent tools and technologies in your campaign...

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The Future of Digital Marketing

The Future of Digital Marketing

With inflation rates reaching new highs, the cost-of-living crisis has affected many people’s ability to purchase goods and services, and one question subsists for marketers: how do you engage with customers when everyone is cutting back on spending? This track will provide you with the latest insights on evolving tools, trends, and technology to help you exploit new opportunities in the future of digital marketing.  

  • Preparing for a cookieless future and adapting to a post-attribution era
  • Strategic brand positioning to support purposeful business growth
  • Creating brand loyalty: Reimagining the B2B buyer journey
  • Exploring new business models and marketing strategies
  • Cost-effective technical solutions to drive a seamless journey to ROI
  • Maximising omnichannel: Integration of branding, messaging, online and offline touchpoints
  • Gen Z and Gen Alpha: Embracing the power of visual and interactive content to expand your reach
  • Introducing new tech: Voice optimisation and conversational chatbots
  • The rise of micro-influencer marketing
  • Getting buy-in: Insights into the popularity of short-form video content
  • What will make up a future-proof digital marketing strategy?

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Data, Analytics & Personalisation

Data, Analytics & Personalisation

Increasing use of first-party data, a focus on data privacy, and cookieless personalisation are going to be major trends in the coming years. Today’s marketers have more data about their consumers than ever, and businesses that use data-driven strategies drive five to eight times as much ROI as businesses that don’t. 87% of marketers say data is their company’s most under-utilised asset. With consumers’ increasing expectations for personalisation and brand loyalty fast fading, how can brands and retailers leverage their data to engage – and re-engage – consumers?

  • Exploring data protection reforms in the UK and what they mean for marketers
  • Effective compliance and governance – full guidance and transparency in the use of data
  • How barriers to cross-border data flows are spreading, and how you can overcome them
  • Turning data into intelligence: Using in-depth monitoring and analytics
  • Harnessing data-driven marketing and successful audience segmentation
  • Know your customer: Hyper-personalised and localised marketing
  • Crafting customer interactions and experiences in real-time to drive conversions
  • Improving CX: Guided digital care journeys to meet your customer’s needs
  • Ethically sourced: The use of customer-centric data and its influence on business success
  • Implementing real-time messaging platforms for data collection
  • From SEO to AI: Navigating the complex software markets

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Campaign Management & Execution Theatre

Campaign Management & Execution Theatre

Consistent, high-quality content marketing is vital to your business. Producing audience-tailored content for customers has become a key pillar of many businesses, and another smart way to increase traction on your website and retain existing customers. Through high-quality content, retailers and brands can build trust, develop relationships, improve conversions, and generate leads. But that can only happen with a solid content strategy. Whether you are looking to create content or manage it, this track will look at the ways in which you can future-proof your business in a content-hungry industry.

  • Experimental marketing: Poised for a comeback?
  • How to use all available data sources to inform ad targeting
  • Best practices for customer-centric content creation and management
  • Compelling storytelling for improved customer engagement and audience retention
  • Exploring CMS and other essential strategies to manage content
  • Content marketing vs advertising: What's the difference?
  • The big picture: 5 advertising ‘musts’ for ‘23/24
  • Is the future of advertising AI-powered?
  • Social advertising: What do the experts predict?
  • Strengthen your brand positioning: Align your ethos and core values with your messaging
  • Subscription-based marketing: Strategies to build your core customer base


Customer-Centric Content & Advertising Theatre

Customer-Centric Content & Advertising Theatre

How do you bridge your marketing strategies and execution to bring your content and campaigns to life? Automation and AI are quickly becoming key in helping marketing departments do more with less. This track will help you analyse your current tech and determine how to scale for growth. From automation, to optimisation to campaign management: hear first-hand insights from retailers, brands, and solution providers who are creating winning strategies and leveraging marketing tech to reach new customers and improve existing customer experiences.

  • Devising seamless customer experiences across platforms and channels
  • Leveraging generative AI to improve personalised experiences
  • Boost campaign performance, improve internal workflows and increase productivity
  • Winning over Gen Z: Automating social media management with marketing tools
  • Behaviour Analytics: How do you truly understand your customer to build trust, and ultimately loyalty?
  • Reign supreme with intelligent and conversational chatbots
  • Adopt a mobile-first creative approach for your video ads
  • Capture audience attention – engage prospects with integrated video and written content
  • Social commerce: Tactics and tools to improve message delivery
  • Micro and nano influencers: Ongoing partnerships versus one-off projects
  • Funnel automation to nurture leads and grow revenue

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