Marketing Influencers Top 100 Index

Influencer Awards hosted and presented by Gordon Glenister

Technology for Marketing is pleased to host the Top 100 Marketing Influencers Index for 2023, in association with influencer marketing expert Gordon Glenister. With this award, we aim to recognise those in the industry that use social media to influence, educate and innovate our sector.

We've compiled a list featuring 100 notable individuals. Some of them nominated themselves, while others were nominated by peers or followers. This diverse selection highlights influential figures across the marketing field on social media.

The Official Marketing Influencers Top 100 Index 2023 Ranking

1. Neil Patel

2. Mark Ritson

3. Arnold Ma

4. Sophie Miller

5. Lilach Bullock

6. Sam Hurley

7. Lukasz Zelezny

8. Chris Ducker

9. John Espirian

10. Katie King

11. Jordie van Rijn

12. Damian Ryan

13. Brian Norris

14. Oren Greenberg

15. Andrew Davis

16. Heather Murray

17. Stephen Lam

18. Christopher Kenna

19. Alvin Hussey

20. Mike Taylor

21. Tink Taylor

22. David Bain

23. Nora Zukauskaite

24. Abigayle Andre

25. Mark Elliott

26. Chloe Thomas

27. Nick Hague

28. Jonathan Pollinger

29. Candyce Costa

30. Teresa Heath-Wareing

31. Jibran Ali Khan

32. Sophie Neary

33. Muhammad Fahad Anwar

34. Alex Murphy

35. Claudia Guerreiro

36. McKenna Sweazey

37. Rich Grosskettler

38. Joyce Ong

39. Olly Fawcett

40. Francisco Jeronimo

41. Riaz Kanani

42. Mike Maynard

43. Soner Alemdar

44. Fab Giovanetti

45. Veronica Chang

46. Jiajun Lu

47. Rachel Spencer

48. Chris Tradgett

49. Kieron Lewis

50. Wizz Selvey

51. Jeremy Freeman

52. Miriam Strelczuk

53. Utkarsh Srivastav

54. Nourhan Atef

55. Ross Robinson

56. Simone Rowe

57. Ganesh Kalyanasundaram

58. Sonya Gonzalez Mier

59. Oyindamola Fashogbon

60. Gabriel Hughes

61. Marcus Hemsley

62. Emil Bielski

63. Dr. Graham Hill

64. Lucy Jeffrey

65. Christopher Ball

66. Nathalie Lethbridge

67. Ben Foster

68. Bhavin Shah

69. Will Rice

70. Dave Endsor

71. Neha Gunnoo

72. Mehul Suri

73. Paul Napleton

74. Ryan Jones

75. Gaurav Ahluwalia

76. Phil Myerscough

77. Andy Thorne

78. Ines Torosyan

79. Kinga Stabryla

80. Nahim Choudhury

81. Chris Girling

82. Jeremy Stern

83. Matt Mason

84. Elaine Lee

85. Rob Kearsey

86. Dan Thomas

87. Alexander Toft

88. Clement Lapeyre

89. Lucy Massey

90. Sarah Arnesen

91. Margaux De Paepe

92. Mariam Hussain

93. Saniul Ali

94. Marty Englander

95. Bhargav Joshi

96. Nikeeta Phagura

97. Marley Callaway

98. Daniela Niesing

99. Francesca Yates

100. Abi Burnett

The Nomination Process:

Our partners running the Influencer Index campaign analysed the nominations based on independent data metrics:

-    Followers - the number of people following you/the nominees.

-    Engagement - the number of mentions, shares, links and impressions of your/the nominees’ posts.

-    Reach - how many people have seen your/the nominees’ posts.

-    Confirmation that you or they met the nomination criteria (listed below)


Nomination Criteria

We are celebrating the whole industry, so the nominations were open to everyone that fit within at least one of the following criteria. Whether you were:

  • A professional currently working in marketing, and with a social media presence. You might be a Digital Marketer, Customer Engagement Super Star, UX professional, or an ambitious creative marketer, and you love to share your work online.
  • An influencer whose content on social media partially or fully revolves around marketing and the marketing industry.
  • An influencer who markets brands and products and executes marketing campaigns.
  • "Technology for Marketing is superior because of the quality and vetted range of visitors. We're definitely coming next year, we have already signed..."
    Event Manager, Dot Digital
  • "We come to Technology for Marketing to grow our presence into the UK from Europe. We have had very good conversations - hope to join next year"
    Content Marketer, Deployteq
  • "We came to Technology for Marketing to expose our brand in front of UK retailers, and introduce new AI focused products and services. We are most likely to attend again based on the result."
    VP Marketing, Insider
  • "A good mix of job titles with senior marketing teams - will definitely join next year."
    Product Marketing Manager, Upland
  • "We have been sponsors for three years. It is one of our best forming tradeshows and a no brainer. I really love the way its runs. Sarah Tully is a joy to work with. It is the right type of people that we are trying to meet. Absolutely will join next year."
    Events Manager, Klaviyo


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