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25 April 2024 |
Chelsea Football Club

25 April 2024 |
Chelsea Football Club

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Applying AI in marketing and customer experience to directly drive improved business result

Thursday 25th April | 08:30 - 17:30
Chelsea Football Club, London


Who should attend?

Business leaders and marketing professionals in retail, D2C, and B2B, with some understanding of generative AI, who would like to learn how to maximise its full potential

What to expect:

  • Hear from leading AI and marketing practitioners from Coca-Cola, Zappos, BT Group, Decathlon, and more during interactive face-to-face sessions in central London.
  • Leave the event with an actionable plan aligned with your customer needs, select cost-effective tools to streamline operations, boost retention, and elevate new business acquisitions.
  • Network with 100+ peers throughout the day. Foster connections amongst attendees with dedicated networking breaks including lunch and end-of-day drinks









What You'll Learn

  • Gain a solid understanding of AI, uncover various AI concepts, and build the skills and confidence to effectively communicate these concepts and ideas to your colleagues.
  • Receive an objective assessment of the essential tools needed to optimise marketing and customer experience delivery using AI.
  • Explore real-life examples of applying AI for strategy, analysis, and optimisation.
  • Gain frameworks to make a strong case for AI-driven transformation in your organisation.
  • Discover ways to bring AI into your business, making processes smoother and boosting profits.


Expert Coaches


  1. A warm welcome from our chair, David Hicks, an AI expert with over 40 years of experience as a senior Marketing and Customer Experience (CX) executive. 
  2. This session is for digital professionals who want to understand fully what AI is and what it can do for their business. Learn high-level definitions of AI and its practical applications. It will focus on how AI models, such as language models (LLMs) and voice/image recognition and generation capabilities, can innovate and improve overall marketing and the end-to-end customer experience.
  3. How to use gen-AI to amplify your marketing and wider team's user centricity, boost creativity and stress test your solutions. 

    Part 1: Crash course Why is there this sudden explosion of gen-AI? What do most people get wrong about gen-AI for marketing?

    Part 2: Practice makes perfect Beyond the hype, can gen-AI help us understand our customers' problems better, with more empathy? With better-framed problems, how can gen-AI help cross-functional teams come up with more creative solutions? How can we gen-AI to help us stress test, refine and build more human-centric solutions?

  4. Join this round table for a deeper dive with Martin and Alex on their sessions while it's still fresh in your mind. Talk about your unique challenges and get answers from the experts, while taking part in an exciting discussion about AI.
  5. Marketers aim to build long-term customer loyalty by creating personalized experiences that forge emotional connections. However, this clashes with the exclusive reliance on data and algorithms. To bridge this gap, companies must understand and treat customers as individuals rather than just numbers.

    This shows up most vividly in the levels of customer trust in the retail business nowadays. Retail trust is low, highlighting the need to understand and engage customers on a personal level. Ultimately, prioritizing authentic human connections over transactional data-only driven approaches is key to building lasting customer loyalty.

  6. How to engage and collaborate with partners AI for streamlined retail operations and revenue growth.

    AI is no longer the future of retail – it’s the present. Amidst the aisles of every store, physical or virtual and the click of every shopping cart, AI is quietly, or at times, not so quietly, reshaping the retail industry. This metamorphosis is not a gust of wind but a strategic whirlwind, gently altering the landscape for those who lean into its power. The pinnacle question then isn't 'Should we?'; it’s ‘How do we?’ and with whom ?

  7. Grab lunch and join these round tables for a deeper dive with Andrei Ungureanu, Alex Genov, Alex Foster and Martin Musiol on using AI to build marketing excellence, and how to leverage partners while it's still fresh in your mind. Talk about your unique challenges and get answers from the experts, while sharing with Peers on how they're leveraging AI.
  8. A practical case study on how Constantine has led the transformation of the end-to-end experience at DECATHLON online. This is now a sector-leading experience with highly personalised dialogue for each customer and individual customers being able to personalise and  design their bikes or skis online. You'll learn the practical steps, opportunities and challenges in driving this transformation.

  9. Learn practical strategies to drive business outcomes through AI. Delve into governance, ethics, and leadership issues to equip your organisation for a transformative AI journey: getting started, what to do first, next and later.

    We'll get into the practical detail on what to consider, what to avoid and what works when driving the AI agenda in retail. For example: Establishing Governance for the application of AI, Highlight ML&AI ethical and privacy concerns associated with CX.

  10. Join this round table for a deeper dive into AI with all our coaches. Talk about your unique challenges, ask all of your questions, and get answers from the experts, while taking part in an exciting discussion about AI with fellow professionals.
  11. Chair to summarise the event and share details of next steps


Group Discounts*

Group Discounts

10% discount - 3 delegates
15% discount - 4+ delegates 

*To qualify for group discounts, all passes must be purchased at the same time. 

Full T&Cs apply.