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25th - 26th SEPTEMBER 2019  |  OLYMPIA


Debate: The rise of marketing to machines should be embraced, not resisted

26 Sep 2019
MadTech & Data Driven Insights Theatre

We are really pleased to bring you a Data Science Toastmasters debate team to examine the issues around Marketing to Machines. 

As usual, there is a lot of hype and reactionary responses to “scary tech”.

Is Marketing to Machines a “thing”, and should you care?

What are the real issues for you?

We’ll try and help you get past your fears by debating this topic rationally and exploring the consequences for marketing jobs.

A debate with a twist

A typical debate has two teams, trying to convince you that they have the better arguments. We will challenge this notion and ask our speakers to argue both sides of the motion.

Why do this? The answer lies in the background of our speakers, Desire is a Physicist and David is a Philosopher. We are not looking for a clash of the fundamentals of human knowledge as represented by the two disciplines, we are looking to serve you.

We are asking our speakers to test and to present the topic without bias. We wish to help you make up your own mind and for you to be confident that there are no hidden agendas.

There will be a short Q&A for you to test and cross-examine the speakers. We are looking for the event to be fun with a serious look at the issues that matter. Come along and join the debate.

Paul Imre, Director - IMRE
Desire Binam, President ('Experience French' Toastmasters) - Toastmasters Club
David McMahon, Senior Business Analyst - HSBC Global Banking & Markets

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