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Viva David! New Brand Tech To Defeat The Goliaths.

25 Sep 2019
Marketing Automation, Email & Multichannel Theatre
Emerging Tech , Innovation & Disruption

Let’s face it. Getting a scaled understanding of people’s feelings & thoughts towards brands is a luxury available mainly to Goliaths. The big brands owned by the likes of Unilever & P&G.

But imagine a world where all Davids could access people’s feelings & thoughts; using technology to link their commercial performance to sentiment for a forensic understanding of how to build their brand. Daily.

Well, that world is now.

Today’s tech allows us to make brand guidance available to all. AI, Machine Learning & Brand Physics has enabled us to turn a proven brand measurement framework into a SaaS platform for all the Davids.

In this session we will share how technology has levelled the playing field for brands. And we’ll show how even the smallest, savvy Davids can destroy the largest of Goliaths.

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Nadim Sadek, CEO - proquoᵃ ͥ 
Pete Harvey, CTO - proquoᵃ ͥ

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