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07 Dec 2023

Should've gone in-house: Unleashing potential through people, processes, and passion

Should've gone in-house: Unleashing potential through people, processes, and passion

The role of in-house agencies has evolved into a powerhouse of creativity and innovation. Julia Arenson, the Head of Creative Operations at Specsavers, took centre stage at the Technology for Marketing session to share her remarkable journey of establishing and nurturing Specsavers' in-house agency. In this article, we'll delve into the insights and key takeaways from Julia's presentation, exploring the potent combination of people, processes, and passion that has propelled Specsavers' in-house agency to global acclaim.

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Unlocking the Power of People: Nurturing Collaboration

Julia Arenson's journey began four years ago when she made the leap from traditional agencies to spearhead Specsavers' in-house creative operations. One of the core elements she highlighted was the power of people. The Specsavers Agency thrives on nurturing collaboration among diverse individuals, harnessing the unique strengths and perspectives of each team member to create a collective force that drives success.

Embracing Methodologies and Innovations: The Specsavers Workflow

Arenson shed light on how Specsavers embraced tried-and-true methodologies while remaining open to change and innovation. The in-house agency's team structure, workflow processes, and project management systems were meticulously tailored to enable collaboration and empower teams. The emphasis was on breaking down silos and fostering an environment where creativity can flourish across disciplines.

Fuelling Creativity: Passion, Boundary-Challenging, and Collaboration

Fueling creativity emerged as a central theme in Julia's presentation. She highlighted the agency's commitment to cultivating passion, challenging boundaries, and fostering collaboration as key drivers of outstanding results. The in-house team at Specsavers Creative embodies a shared sense of purpose, working collaboratively to push creative boundaries and deliver impactful campaigns.


Key Insights from Julia Arenson's Presentation:

1. Evolution from Creative Department to Integrated Agency

Julia presented Specsavers' transformative journey from a traditional creative department to a full-service integrated agency, showcasing the evolution of in-house capabilities over decades.

2. Team Structure and Workflow Processes

She outlined the in-house agency's team structure, workflow processes, and project management system designed to encourage collaboration and break down silos within the creative operation.

3. Rebranding to Unite the Community

The agency strategically rebranded from "the agency" to "Specsavers Creative" to unite the community under a shared creative purpose. This shift was aimed at fostering a sense of togetherness rather than division.

4. Acclaimed Marketing Campaigns Driven by Creativity

Julia shared examples of Specsavers Creative's highly acclaimed marketing campaigns, characterised by creativity, humour, and emotional resonance while staying true to the brand's core messaging.

5. Global Recognition of In-House Talent

The consistent recognition of Specsavers Creative, including being named one of the world's best 100 ads, showcases the exceptional talent within their in-house team.

6. Creativity at the Core: Specsavers Creative

Julia underscored creativity as the driving force supercharging marketing efforts. This commitment is reflected in their agency's name change to "Specsavers Creative," solidifying their position as leaders in the creative agenda.

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