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18 - 19 September 2024
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22 Jan 2024

#Trending: How to forecast, interpret and deploy trends online

#Trending: How to forecast, interpret and deploy trends online

Trends were once the purview of the press and the brands that paid them. Now, social media has laid waste to this top-down approach to popular culture and consumers have taken much of the power back, leaving brands scrabbling to keep up, never mind get ahead. In this session, the founder and CEO of CORQ and former Condé Nast editor Sara McCorquodale shares her expert tips for being first on the digital bandwagon.

●        Learn how to forecast and identify trends before they pass you by

●        Understand how to interpret cultural moments to fit your brand, not the other way round

●        Discover how to build agility into your marketing plan so your team can behave reactively and keep pace with modern consumer behaviours

Key Insights

Unlock insights from Sara McCorquodale, CEO & Founder of CORQ, for a competitive edge:

  1. Strategic Trend Utilisation: Leverage social media trends for rapid brand awareness and customer acquisition, seizing growth opportunities.
  2. Distinguish Short-Lived vs Long-Term: Differentiate between fleeting trends and enduring content formats. Act swiftly for virality, ensure lasting relevance for enduring formats.
  3. TikTok's Accelerated Trends: Adapt to TikTok's rapid trend turnover. Streamline content approval for agile responses to daily emerging viral moments.
  4. Targeted Trend Strategies: Tailor trend approaches to your audience. Monitor influential creators aligned with your target consumers for consistent digital growth.
  5. Authentic Engagement: Win consumers on TikTok with creative, low-production content. Engage authentically in trends as entertainment, not just sales pitches.
  6. Conversion Strategies: Include clear calls-to-action in trend-related content. Strategically utilising trends profoundly impacts small business growth.

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