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15 Mar 2024

Strategic partnerships: Using the skills of your data team to drive change

Strategic partnerships: Using the skills of your data team to drive change

Harry Glossop, Head of Marketing Analytics at Knight Frank, shared valuable insights during the conference session titled "Strategic partnerships: Using the skills of your data team to drive change." Here's a concise breakdown of the key takeaways.

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Session Key Insights: 

Mission and Purpose Over Silos

Glossop stressed the importance of aligning data teams with a unified mission and purpose, rather than segregating them based on skills or business units. This approach fosters seamless communication and collaboration across departments.

Client-Centric Structuring

He advocated for structuring data teams around client-focused missions, providing the flexibility to address specific challenges and allowing team members to pursue individual career aspirations.

Clarity through Mission Statements

Encouraging data teams to define their mission statements can aid other departments in clarifying their goals and desired outcomes, promoting alignment throughout the organisation.

Articulating Value

A mission-oriented structure enables data staff to articulate their value proposition more effectively across the organisation, fostering greater understanding and appreciation of their contributions.

Cross-Organisational Opportunities

Taking a holistic approach across departments can unveil opportunities such as shared clients and cost savings through data source consolidation, leading to enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

Investment in Team Structures

Glossop highlighted the importance of investing in team structures and operational methodologies, recognising their significance alongside technological advancements for driving organisational change.

In essence, Glossop's insights advocate for strategic alignment of data teams with organisational goals, emphasising collaboration, clarity, and adaptability as essential drivers of impactful change.

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