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23 Feb 2024

Storytelling spotlight: What you can learn about storytelling without leaving the sofa

Storytelling spotlight: What you can learn about storytelling without leaving the sofa

The model of a story is perfectly designed to engage your audience, create emotion, and inspire action – but do you know what this model actually is? You can see it at work in pretty much every TV show you watch; The Repair Shop, White Lotus, Storyville, Traitor and yes, even Changing Rooms, if you know what you are looking for. In this session, Ann Booth-Clibborn, aka The Storycoach, teaches you to:

• Unlock your own instinctive storytelling skills with the inside track of story design on TV and beyond

• Demonstrate how you can use the model of story to create or cross-check your campaign and content planning

• Ensure you are creating an engaging and effective experience for your audience

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In this session 

  1. The 7 Core Story Elements: Booth-Clibborn outlined the fundamental elements found in engaging stories, including main character, jeopardy, and a different world.

  2. Crafting a Compelling 'Different World': Emphasising the importance of creating a captivating 'different world,' she stressed the need to evoke emotions and paint vivid visuals rather than relying solely on facts.

  3. Strong Start for Audience Engagement: A powerful start is crucial; posing a 'question' instantly captures audience attention, creating a hook that keeps them invested.

  4. Consistent World-Building: Using TV shows as examples, the session demonstrated how series establish immersive worlds through elements like light, tone, costumes, and music between dialogues.

  5. Humanising Business Communication: Booth-Clibborn advised applying storytelling elements to humanise business communications, pitches, campaigns, ensuring audience engagement and connection.

  6. Structured Storytelling for Impact: In conclusion, the speaker highlighted that applying structured storytelling principles to factual information makes it more memorable and impactful, taking audiences on an intentional journey.

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