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29 May 2024

The Story of Candy Kittens With Jamie Laing

The Story of Candy Kittens With Jamie Laing

It was our most popular talk last year, and we're thrilled to bring you the sweet success story of Candy Kittens! Hosted by Andrew McClelland, co-founder of The Data Project, the discussion featured Jamie Laing and Edward Williams, co-founders of Candy Kittens, as they shared their journey from a hobby project to a leading confectionery brand. In this article, we're taking your through the key insights from their session.


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Key Insights: From a hobby project to a leading confectionery brand

Brand First, Product Second

Candy Kittens began as a hobby and a brand concept, leveraging Jamie Laing's reality TV fame to build interest and an engaged social media following before even having a product.

Overcoming Doubts

Major retailers initially doubted the brand's longevity. However, through unwavering commitment to quality and a fun, innovative brand identity, Williams and Laing secured distribution and proved the sceptics wrong.

Emotional Connection

Differentiating themselves through high-quality ingredients, transparency, and unique collaborations, Candy Kittens focused on creating an emotional connection with customers by showcasing their personalities.

Leadership Challenges

As the business grew, hiring the right team, managing people, and learning to relinquish control were significant challenges. The founders emphasised the importance of developing new skills to lead effectively.

Continuous Improvement

Embracing a "better is possible" mindset, Candy Kittens continually innovates in product development, branding, company culture, and social impact, avoiding complacency at every turn.

Long-Term Vision

With ambitions to become a generational brand, Candy Kittens aims to dominate the UK confectionery market before expanding globally. This long-term vision drives their strategic decisions and growth efforts.

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This session provided valuable insights into the entrepreneurial journey, highlighting the importance of brand identity, quality, customer connection, and continuous improvement in building a successful business. You want more stories like this? Join us on 18-19 September 2024 at ExCeL London to learn from our hundreds of speakers.


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