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26 Feb 2024

How to sell cereals on LinkedIn (and other nonsense) - SURREAL

How to sell cereals on LinkedIn (and other nonsense) - SURREAL

What's the hot, new social media channel where even a small brand can quickly reach millions of people with a single post? The answer is, of course, LinkedIn.

You might think it's just for networking, job hunting, and seeing what that bloke you worked with at the marshmallow factory is doing now - but it's actually a pretty great place for selling breakfast cereal. In one year on LinkedIn, startup cereal company SURREAL have gained 40,000 followers, reached a gazillion people, and even made some actual, genuine sales. Not bad for a new brand that basically no one has ever heard of.

In this session, John Thornton, Senior Creative at SURREAL talked about:

  • SURREAL’s chaotic approach to marketing
  • Show you some of their biggest hits
  • Why cheese, gyms and Viagra are the perfect combination (just please don't try them while he's talking)

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Key Insights

1. Brand-Building Over Product-Pushing

SURREAL’s chaotic approach focuses on brand-building rather than pushing products. John, drawing from his experience at Innocent, advocated for a shift towards engaging, viral content instead of mundane smoothie posts.

2. Embrace Chaos for Attention

Chaos is SURREAL's ally. John stressed that mistakes and controversies fuel attention and sharing. Viral brand moments often involve rule-breaking, setting them apart from the corporate crowd.

3. Provocation Works Wonders

John showcased examples where provocative posts, fake conversations, intentional controversies, and embracing criticism outperformed polished corporate content. For SURREAL, the unconventional is the new marketing norm.

4. Simplify B2B Communication

For B2B success on LinkedIn, John recommended simplicity. Use plain language, incorporate unique visuals, and tap into what audiences genuinely care about, steering clear of corporate jargon.

5. Innovation Through Combination

When ideas stagnate, John advised combining viral elements from various sources or testing one channel/moment to gather evidence for broader company acceptance of unconventional tactics.

6. Personality Trumps Tone Guides

John concluded with a powerful insight: personality triumphs over tone of voice guides. SURREAL gives community managers creative freedom rather than adhering to stringent approvals, allowing for more authentic engagement.

In a world cluttered with corporate conformity, SURREAL's LinkedIn success story teaches us that embracing chaos and injecting personality into brand communication can be the winning formula, even when selling something as mundane as breakfast cereal.

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