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18 - 19 September 2024
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Startup Story: Going from 0 to '1M, creating a brand from scratch

Startup Story: Going from 0 to '1M, creating a brand from scratch

Laura Riches and her Laylo Co-founder Laura Rosenberger were the Marketing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Naked Wines during a period of rapid growth. So, when they launched their own wine brand in late 2020, they assumed they could rely on 'tried and tested' marketing strategies... It turns out, startup life throws some curve balls! Join Laura Riches for a light-hearted take on lessons learnt marketing a brand from scratch - the successes, failures and practical tips to bring the challenger brand Laylo to life.

Laylo Wines

Key Insights

Discover key insights from Laura Riches, Co-founder of Laylo and former Marketing Director at Naked Wines:

  • Passion-Driven Innovation: Founders identified a passion for quality boxed wine, leading to the creation of a premium, design-focused brand.
  • Smart Demand Validation: Quick sell-out of a test batch validated market demand, prompting full-time commitment in early 2021.
  • Effective Low-Budget Marketing: Personal, scrappy efforts like distributing corkscrews surpassed paid digital ads in early exposure.
  • Narrative Building: Growing business shifted focus to consistent social media storytelling and personal brand development.
  • Viral Organic Reach: An "anti-Facebook" email newsletter offer gained viral traction, showcasing the potency of organic reach.
  • Word-of-Mouth Growth: Turning off paid social media ads, the business thrives through word-of-mouth, events, and creative low-cost tactics.

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