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15 Mar 2024

What will replace GDPR: New privacy and data regulations and insights from the DPDI Bill

What will replace GDPR: New privacy and data regulations and insights from the DPDI Bill

The landscape of privacy and data regulations is undergoing a significant shift, with the DPDI Bill poised to reshape the UK's post-Brexit data protection regime. In the session titled "What will replace GDPR: New privacy and data regulations," Chris Combemale, CEO of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), shed light on key insights essential for marketers:

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Key Session Insights

  • Government Engagement:

Combemale highlighted the DMA's engagement with the UK government, ensuring clarity in updates to data protection legislation, providing marketers with a clear understanding of their obligations.

  • Legitimate Interest:

The legislation clarifies the use of legitimate interest for marketing purposes while upholding EU adequacy standards, offering marketers a robust framework for responsible data usage.

  • Encouraging Innovation:

Updates to definitions of direct marketing and scientific research aim to foster innovation, enabling marketers to explore new avenues while complying with regulatory requirements.

  • PECR Amendments:

Amendments to the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation (PECR) include extending soft opt-in for nonprofits and reducing cookie consent burdens, streamlining compliance processes for marketers.

  • Support for SMEs:

The legislation reduces accountability requirements for SMEs and exempts smaller firms from high-risk processing, providing relief for businesses navigating complex regulatory landscapes.

  • Balancing Privacy and Growth:

Combemale emphasised the legislation's emphasis on balancing privacy and growth, ensuring retention of key consumer rights such as the right to object to marketing activities.


As businesses prepare for the implementation of the DPDI Bill, understanding these key insights is crucial for navigating the evolving privacy landscape while fostering innovation and growth.

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