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29 Nov 2023

Rapid growth + engagement: How to build a bigger, better brand audience

Rapid growth + engagement: How to build a bigger, better brand audience

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, the journey to building a substantial brand audience is a strategic feat that demands insight and innovation. Jazmin Beale, Head of Marketing and Brand at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, shared the secrets behind the park's transformation into London's fastest-growing cultural hub during a recent keynote session at Technology for Marketing. The session delved into the strategic initiatives that propelled the park's rapid growth in email subscribers, social media followers, and commercial partnerships.

Jazmin Beale's Insightful Journey

Jazmin Beale took the audience on an 18-month journey, unveiling the transformative marketing approach that turned Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park into a thriving destination. Her strategies provide valuable lessons for marketers aiming to amplify their brand presence and engage a wider audience.


Understanding the Audience

A crucial aspect of the park's success was Jazmin's emphasis on understanding the target audience through behavioural segmentation. This tailored approach allowed them to focus on specific audience segments, resulting in a remarkable 30% annual increase in park visits.

Brand Evolution and Simplification

Jazmin highlighted the evolution of the park's brand, simplifying its visual identity to align with the interests and preferences of the target audience. This crucial step ensured resonance with the audience and laid the foundation for sustained growth.

CRM Integration and Incentives

The implementation of an integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, coupled with strategic incentives, played a pivotal role in the park's success. This approach led to a remarkable surge in email subscribers, catapulting the numbers from 45,000 to an impressive 300,000 within just 18 months.

Social Media Mastery

Jazmin underlined the importance of effective social media strategies, leveraging partnerships, and staying attuned to social media trends. These elements were instrumental in sustaining the park's growth across social media channels.

Results: The tangible results of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park's marketing efforts were impressive, boasting substantial growth in social media channels, a significant email database, and support for commercial projects amounting to £20 million. These outcomes stand as a testament to the success of the strategies employed during the transformative journey.


Jazmin Beale's keynote session serves as a beacon of inspiration for marketers seeking to enhance their brand audience. By combining audience understanding, brand evolution, CRM integration, and a mastery of social media, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park has become a prime example of rapid growth and sustained engagement. As the park continues to flourish with six million annual visitors, marketers can glean invaluable insights from this success story to build a bigger, better brand audience in their respective domains.

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