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How Pasta Evangelists captured the hearts (and bellies) of foodies across the UK

How Pasta Evangelists captured the hearts (and bellies) of foodies across the UK

Pasta Evangelists, the UK's premier fresh pasta company, has become a household name for foodies nationwide since its inception in 2017. With a turnover hitting £40m, their journey from the Dragon’s Den to culinary stardom is a testament to their unwavering commitment to authenticity and innovation.

In a recent conference session, Angharad Exley, Pasta Evangelists’ Senior Marketing Manager, and Megan Kealey from Klaviyo shed light on the company's meteoric rise and key strategies that propelled their success.

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Key Insights

  1. Authenticity is Key: From the outset, Pasta Evangelists focused on delivering genuine Italian cuisine, ensuring every dish transports customers to Italy's dining tables. This dedication to authenticity forms the cornerstone of their branding and marketing efforts.

  2. Personalisation Drives Engagement: By incorporating personal touches such as first names and tailored recommendations based on past orders, Pasta Evangelists creates meaningful connections with its customer base. Despite challenges in data integration, personalisation remains a vital aspect of their communication strategy.

  3. Evolving with Feedback: Constantly attuned to customer feedback, Pasta Evangelists evolves its offerings to meet evolving preferences. Their innovative half-and-half concept and lunch options are direct results of listening to their audience.

  4. Reengagement through Fun Campaigns: A year-in-review campaign, highlighting customers' favourite dishes, proved to be an effective strategy in re-engaging lapsed buyers. This personalised approach added a touch of fun while reigniting interest in the brand.

  5. Future Outlook: Looking ahead, Pasta Evangelists aims to further elevate its brand, enhance personalisation through data optimisation, and expand its takeaway delivery service to more locations across the UK.

In summary, Pasta Evangelists' success story is a testament to the power of authenticity, personalisation, and responsiveness to customer feedback. As they continue to innovate and delight palates across the UK, their recipe for success serves as inspiration for businesses aiming to carve their niche in the competitive food industry.

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