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10 Aug 2023

The Future of Digital Marketing trends report

The Future of Digital Marketing trends report
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How will The Future of Digital Marketing trends report help me and my business?

Digital marketing today is complex and it’s inevitable it will get more complex in the future as new technologies and platforms emerge. In June 2023 we ran a survey with our members-  in collaboration with our partners, Technology for Marketing and eCommerce Expo – to better understand the current state of digital marketing and future adoption plans.

In this research, based on surveying 403 respondents, we reviewed the current and future digital marketing capabilities of businesses across Smart Insights’ 7 pillars of digital marketing, to help show trends in managing digital marketing and technology. The majority of participants were from the United Kingdom or the United States, of whom over three quarters of respondents were manager-level.

The report shares an array of findings which can help you benchmark your current digital marketing activities, and prepare your marketing tactics and resources for the future.


How is this report structured?

The Future of Digital Marketing trends report is structured across each of the 7 pillars of marketing, following an executive summary and introduction about the survey.

  • Executive summary
  • Introduction – the pillars of effective marketing
  • Survey results and recommendations
    • Marketing and brand strategy
    • Digital marketing strategy and governance
    • Data, insight, forecasting and evaluation
    • Digital media
    • Digital experiences
    • Content marketing (including use of AI)
    • Messaging including defining MarTech stacks
  • Summary and recommendations



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