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11 Apr 2024

Fireside chat: Gousto, a data company that loves food?

Fireside chat: Gousto, a data company that loves food?

Gousto, established in 2012 with a vision to transform dinner, has seen significant growth over the years, now delivering over six million meals monthly. In a recent fireside chat, Gousto and Bento Tech shared insights into their journey of scaling subscription ecommerce.

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Key Insights:

  1. Tech Empowers Personalisation: Shaun Pearce discussed Gousto's use of machine learning and algorithms to offer personalised recipe box subscriptions, enhancing customer experience.

  2. Integration of Tech and Business: Gousto's adoption of cross-functional squads fosters collaboration, accountability, and empathy between tech and business teams, driving alignment towards common goals.

  3. Test, Iterate, Improve: Rapid iteration based on customer feedback is pivotal for product enhancement. Gousto exemplifies this by continuously refining content, such as email recommendations, to better cater to customer preferences.

  4. Flexible Subscription Platform: The creation of a flexible subscription platform, accommodating changing box contents, underscores Gousto's commitment to meeting evolving customer needs and preferences.

  5. Seamless Customer Experience: Simplified subscription processes and seamless product experiences are crucial in retaining customers in the subscription model, highlighting Gousto's focus on customer convenience.

  6. AI for Enhanced Customisation: Gousto explores AI applications like generative models to expand recipe choices and customisation, streamlining operations while catering to diverse dietary needs.

Gousto's success story exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between data, technology, and customer-centricity in driving growth in subscription eCommerce. As the subscription economy continues to thrive, lessons from Gousto's journey are invaluable for businesses navigating this landscape.

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