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18 - 19 September 2024
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Effective brand positioning with Roberta Cianetti, Condé Nast

Effective brand positioning with Roberta Cianetti, Condé Nast

Tell us about your career so far and the essential turning points that got you where you are today.

My career began in PR agencies, where I specialised in Digital Communications for clients in Web, Technology, Finance, and Healthcare sectors. Additionally, I also started a journey in the subtitling industry, for the likes of MGM Technicolor, Warner Bros, HBO, Sony, and Universal. I then worked as content creator, social media & community manager for Italy's first leading portal,, at Telecom Italia Group and advanced fueling the social media of women's magazine Donna Moderna at Mondadori Publishing Group. From then onwards, I had the amazing opportunity to join Condé Nast and so far it’s been an amazing ride.


And now you have been with Condé Nast for over ten years (Italy and then global), tell us about your experience?

I joined Condé Nast in 2013 and had a long experience in managing all Condé Nast Italia brands and expanding their Social Media presence, with the goal of creating audience growth and supporting Condé Nast Newsrooms, but also Comms, Sales & Events Teams. I would also provide social media guidelines, fuel digital & live initiatives, contribute to revenue growth and guide our performances through strong and constant relationships with all the main social media platforms and vendors, enhancing opportunities and visibility for Condé Nast Italia brands.
Last year, I joined the Global Social Strategy team and recently expanded my role to Director, Social Operations & Global Partnerships Strategy supporting all brands and markets worldwide.


What makes good content in your opinion? How to renew content while staying on brand?

This is a one million dollar question, but I would say, ideally, any content has to be relevant, timely, engaging and effective. I also think it is crucial to diversify your content, spending some time renewing evergreen ones and making them always pertinent, with quality visuals and appealing layouts. 


You mentioned in your session summary that some of the pillars of effective brand positioning were to “entertain, surprise, and empower.” Could you develop?

There is much to say about this but, in short. Entertain: an entertaining content has statistically more chances to engage. Don’t forget to provide a meaningful experience to your users. Surprise: put your audience/customers first. And when you do, elevate the element of surprise whether it is choosing your titles carefully, or create tailored content or repurposing it. Empower: Provide content that can make a difference in people lives and engage on important topics and discussions


What is one of your favourite campaigns (marketing/social media/other), and what made it successful in your opinion?

There are many. It is extremely difficult to choose. However, if I had to pick just one I would say “Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty” in 2004 aiming to challenge the negative stereotypes around beauty, promoting a healthier imagery and providing women to embrace their own imperfections and seeing beauty at their own terms with the slogan “You are more beautiful than you think”. That for me was a truly revolutionary campaign.

Roberta's conference at Technology for Marketing

“Renew, refresh and recycle: Turn social media into partnerships”

Could you give me us snippet of what the session will be like to encourage our readers to come and see you live at the event

Starting from a platforms overview & landscape, this presentation explores the basics around renewing content underlying the strength beyond entertaining, surprising, and empowering your audience for prominent and effective brand positioning, dealing with the challenges of having to think on your toes and ending with a consideration on how renewing  your plateau of content, widening it and refreshing it can really help you in the long run and to support your content production and be more strategically effective on social media.

See Roberta Cianetti live at Technology for Marketing on the 28th of September, at ExCeL London, in the Future of Digital Marketing Theatre (11:30-11:55)

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Quick-fire questions

Favourite social media platform? 

I couldn't possibly choose! 

The tool you use the most on your laptop? 

My laptop is crowded with apps, from key vendors we partner with, to data chrome extensions, to a wide selection of Google applications and social media platforms.

What do you see in the future of marketing? How do you prepare for it?

The skillset for the marketing profession is transforming rapidly and it is becoming more and more difficult to even be able to stay ahead of the curve. Think about audience behaviour becoming more advanced every day, together with the rapid evolution of technology and an incredibly dynamic platform and market scenario. Considering all this, it is even more crucial to keep adjusting and acquire a wide set of skills, and being constantly updated on the latest trends.

What are some marketing innovations you’re really excited about?

I am excited about decentralised social media platforms allowing users to retain the rights to their content, allowing for a more democratic and transparent system.

What inspires you in life?

Thinking about my toddler and all the future generations accomplishing a more connected and gentle world one day.

What is one of your proudest moments in your career?

I am really proud of my recent role and the great team I have and of all the achievements so far in diversifying Condé Nast's audience more and more and creating long lasting partnerships and relations. But I tend to always think forward and onto the next step, rather than backwards.

What is something you’re still looking forward to achieving in your career?

I feel I still have a lot to achieve and prove to myself. So I can’t wait for more challenges ahead.

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