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18 - 19 September 2024
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04 Feb 2024

Debunking 6 Marketing Myths

Debunking 6 Marketing Myths

In this session, Rachael Kotadia and Danni Hunt from RedEye teared up the rule book and addressed some of the marketing myths that B2C marketers face today to help you be a better marketer and smash your targets.

Key Insights:

  1. Focus on Retention: Acquisition isn't everything; Kotadia and Hunt emphasised the importance of high-value repeat customers over relentless acquisition efforts
  2. Quality Over Quantity: More emails don't mean better results. Hunt recommended automation for precise, relevant segments to manage frequency effectively.
  3. Simplified Personalisation: Personalisation is straightforward; start with tailored messaging for existing customers rather than complicating it for prospects.
  4. AI Augmentation: AI won't replace but augment marketing jobs, bringing about efficiencies for better results.
  5. Testing is Essential: Testing is not risky when applied consistently. Kotadia and Hunt cautioned against one-off tests, promoting ongoing, informed experimentation.
  6. Beyond Discounts: Discounts aren't the sole purchase incentive. The speakers suggested alternatives like urgency and loyalty perks for a well-rounded strategy.

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