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22 Jan 2024

Crumbs! How to Navigate a Cookieless Future

Crumbs! How to Navigate a Cookieless Future

Envisioning a future without third-party tracking cookies raises crucial questions for data-driven marketing. Marketers face significant challenges in reimagining customer acquisition strategies. Yet, beyond survival, thriving is possible in a new digital marketing landscape built on real-time engagement and trust. Join the conversation to explore:

• Identifying the best alternatives and key criteria for selection.

• Resetting performance expectations and establishing new benchmarks.

• Articulating and preparing brands for the evolving identity transition.

• Brightening your company's cookieless future through strategic approaches.


Key Insights

Prepare for a cookieless world with insights from Susan Raab, Biju Mukund, and Paul Brett:

  1. Shift to First-Party Data: Third-party cookies are fading, urging a focus on first-party data for sustained audience reach.
  2. Value and Ethical Partnerships: Biju Mukund stresses the importance of value provision and ethical vendor partnerships, enabling positive change.
  3. Consumer Choice Expansion: Anticipate increased data sharing choice via new browser extensions, adding monetisation possibilities.
  4. Metrics Beyond Tradition: Beyond regular metrics, Mukund emphasises measuring value exchange, ethics, and trust in the evolving landscape.
  5. Streaming Challenges: Paul Brett explores the data challenges in entertainment marketing brought by streaming's recommendation algorithms.
  6. Trust Through Transparency: Rebuilding consumer trust hinges on transparency, encouraging voluntary data sharing in the cookieless era.

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