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07 Dec 2023

Content marketing in tech: How to get your content seen by the right audience

Content marketing in tech: How to get your content seen by the right audience

In an era where the digital landscape is saturated with an overwhelming amount of content, getting your message heard amid the noise has become a challenge. Gavin Jordan, the Open Mic Publishing Manager at The Drum, took the stage at Technology for Marketing to dissect the complexities of content marketing in the tech industry. In this article, we'll delve into the insights shared by Gavin, exploring how tech companies can navigate the content marketing maze to ensure their message resonates with the right audience.


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Key Insights:

Navigating the Content Marketing Problem

The session commenced with Gavin addressing the prevalent "content marketing problem." Despite 82% of marketers actively engaging in content creation, a staggering 70% of decision-makers find that most content provides little value. This disconnection highlights the pressing need to reevaluate content strategies to ensure meaningful engagement.


Understanding What Marketing Buyers Want from Tech Content

Jordan emphasized the importance of aligning content with what readers genuinely seek – information, advice, or entertainment. Instead of dictating what you want to tell your audience, crafting content with a purpose that aligns with the readers' needs is key to making an impact.


Effective Content Distribution Strategies

To tackle the challenge of visibility, Jordan offered strategic insights into content distribution. He highlighted the significance of researching industry trends, leveraging keyword tools, timing content around events, and selecting the right platforms to align with the audience's preferences.


Originality in the Age of AI

As artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent, originality becomes a paramount factor in content creation. Jordan advised against recycling existing opinions and instead urged tech companies to conduct fresh surveys and reports to establish themselves as true industry experts.


Tailoring Content for Different Platforms

A crucial piece of advice was the recognition that one-size-fits-all content doesn't cut it across diverse platforms. Jordan stressed the importance of studying each platform's audience and tailoring content accordingly to maximise its impact.


Valuable Content: A Gift to the Reader

In his conclusion, Gavin Jordan underscored the concept of valuable content as a "gift" to the reader. Valuable content, according to him, should be relevant, purposeful, and, above all, original. It's about providing value to the audience rather than presenting a sales pitch.



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