Comedian and actor Rosie Jones uses Arwen AI to protect herself and her community from hate

Comedian and actor Rosie Jones uses Arwen AI to protect herself and her community from hate

Comedian and actor Rosie Jones uses Arwen AI to protect herself and her community from hate

06 Jul 2022
Arwen Hall: N14 - N19 Stand: L56
Rosie Jones uses Arwen to protect herself and her community online

I’m Rosie Jones and I’m a comedian and actor. I love using Social Media to connect with my fans, but because of who I am, I tend to get some pretty toxic comments from a handful of unpleasant people.

Before discovering Arwen, dealing with this problem was a struggle. I’ve become personally quite resilient over the years, but even so, some of the particularly vicious comments really impacted my mental health. I also used to get really angry about the impact it was having on my community. I have spent years building up a following of fans who I love, and someone can walk off the street and start shouting at them. This is my community! But I just didn’t have the time or energy to find and remove these comments before they en-flamed the community and led to pile-on's.

I knew I needed a better solution, but I was a bit uncertain about the cost. Artificial Intelligence sounds like something only big companies can afford. So I was surprised how affordable it is. It’s worth it just for the peace of mind that, next time some toxicity flares up on my socials, me and my community are covered.

Once I joined, the Arwen team took me through it all and helped me personalise and adjust my filter settings so Arwen only hid what I wanted hidden (I don’t mind a bit of swearing!). I get a regular report telling me what Arwen has protected me from, so I know I’m getting value for money.

Since taking on Arwen I feel much more reassured that I can be my authentic self on social media, and that my community can engage with me in a safe environment. We don’t live in fear that a comment might trigger a tidal wave of abuse. I can't recommend Arwen enough. Their work makes my social media a much better, healthier place to interact. I’m a big fan.

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