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23 Feb 2024

ChatGPT + LinkedIn = Social Selling Success

ChatGPT + LinkedIn = Social Selling Success

Yes, ChatGPT can help you win on LinkedIn. And no, that’s not by producing dull, generic AI content.

Working through her acclaimed ‘ChatGPT for LinkedIn’ playbook, Heather Murray explores:

- How to make ChatGPT sound exactly like you
- Analysing your audience and their pains
- Creating powerful posts that resonate


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In this session:

  1. Tune ChatGPT to Your Voice: Murray's 5-step playbook emphasises using ChatGPT prompts to establish your unique tone, identify audience pain points, generate post ideas, draft posts, and refine them.
  2. Personalisation is Paramount: Training ChatGPT on your content style and values enhances personalisation, making your LinkedIn posts more effective compared to generic AI-generated content.
  3. Human Touch in Drafting: While ChatGPT accelerates the drafting process, Murray suggested adding a personal touch to the AI-generated post ideas, acknowledging AI's current limitations in originality and insights.
  4. Acknowledge AI's Limits: Murray highlighted AI's limitations such as bias, plagiarism tendencies, and the inability to tell compelling stories or educate like humans, underscoring the importance of human involvement.
  5. AI as an Assistant, Not a Replacement: Emphasising the role of AI as an assistant, Murray stressed that it should amplify human creativity and reduce effort, rather than being viewed as a one-click solution.
  6. Synergy of AI and Human Skills: The session concluded with a powerful statement – the combination of AI and human skills crafts the most engaging, personalised LinkedIn content, setting you apart in the crowded digital landscape.

Heather Murray Technology for Marketing   Heather Murray Technology for Marketing

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