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04 Feb 2024

Building an AI-assisted Organisation and Augmented Marketing with Dragon's Den Piers Linney

Building an AI-assisted Organisation and Augmented Marketing with Dragon's Den Piers Linney

Why does your company need both good customer experience (CX) and a successful customer journey? Aren’t they the same? Not exactly. Find out how to devise, and get management buy-in for your new customer-centric strategy from Shakia Stewart, Global Head of Content, Digital at the British Council, and Dragon’s Den Piers Linney, currently the Executive Chairman & Co‑Founder of Implement AI.

Key Insights:

  1. Competitive Edge with AI: Piers Linney stressed the urgency for businesses to adopt AI ahead of competitors, citing exponential growth in AI adoptio
  2. Ethical AI Implementation: Shakia Stewart advocated for creating policies and frameworks to guide ethical AI implementation, addressing concerns like bias and ensuring staff engagement.
  3. Task Automation for Job Satisfaction: Linney highlighted AI's role in automating mundane tasks, allowing staff to concentrate on higher-value work, ultimately boosting job satisfaction.
  4. Balancing Personalisation: Stewart underscored the importance of balancing hyper-personalised marketing through AI with a diverse messaging approach.
  5. Start Simple, Learn Fast: Linney advised initiating AI adoption with simple workflows, such as automated video production, before expanding automation across the business.
  6. Proactive Ethical Considerations: Both speakers concurred on the lag in AI regulation, urging organisations to proactively address ethical concerns in the absence of clear guidelines.

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In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, these insights provide a pragmatic guide for businesses seeking to harness the power of AI for a competitive edge and ethical implementation.


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