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11 Dec 2023

Automation spotlight: Content personalisation at the Financial Times (FT)

Automation spotlight: Content personalisation at the Financial Times (FT)

In an age of content saturation, crafting a personalised and engaging experience poses a significant challenge. Samantha Lewis-Williams, former Head of Marketing Automation at the Financial Times (FT), shared exclusive insights at Technology for Marketing session on how the FT has utilised automation to establish a 1:1 relationship between subscribers and their subscriptions.

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Key Insights:

  1. Capturing the Interest of Twice-Weekly Visitors: Recognising the challenge of retaining subscribers visiting the FT website twice a week, Sam Lewis-Williams delved into data-driven strategies for enhanced engagement.
  2. Personalisation Driven by Data: Understanding the pivotal role of data in creating personalised experiences, the FT shifted focus from self-reported information to dynamic content recommendations using customer attributes and event data.
  3. Leveraging Data Science Models: Exploring sophisticated data science models, including next-best-action and churn prediction, allowed the FT to fine-tune content recommendations, directly impacting user engagement and retention.
  4. Personalisation Strategies: Segmentations, triggers, and content alignment emerged as crucial strategies. The FT's approach involved delivering seamless personalised content across channels, aligning with subscriber habits and preferences.
  5. Continuous Testing and Learning: Emphasising the importance of a continuous testing and learning mindset, the session highlighted metrics encouraging subscribers to visit the FT website twice a week, central to refining and optimising automated campaigns.
  6. Adaptability During News Events: The session underscored the need for adaptability in automation campaigns, especially during major news events. The FT's ability to pause and resume campaigns showcased their commitment to maintaining relevance and sensitivity in communications, fostering robust subscriber relationships.


For a comprehensive exploration of the FT's automation strategies, content personalisation techniques, and invaluable insights from Samantha Lewis-Williams, listen to the full recorded session from Technology for Marketing. Uncover the secrets behind the Financial Times' success in mastering content personalisation through automation.

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