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29 Nov 2023

Long Live Email - Why Email is not Dead and How to Use it to Engage Customers

Long Live Email - Why Email is not Dead and How to Use it to Engage Customers

In the fast-paced digital landscape, where trends come and go, one tool has stood the test of time and continues to wield considerable influence: email.

Contrary to prevailing skepticism, email is not dead; instead, it has evolved into a dynamic force that shapes our professional lives, relationships, cultural interactions, and economic transactions. This revelation came to the forefront during a Keynote session at Technology for Marketing. This session featured industry leaders from Shopify and StrategiQ Marketing, under the expert guidance of Jim Rudall, Head of EMEA at Intuit Mailchimp, and explored the profound impact of email and its role in shaping the future of eCommerce marketing.


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Meet the speakers

Jim Rudall, steering the discussion, engaged with Lauren Boyton, Head of Customer Experience at StrategiQ Marketing, and Renata Rocha, Head of Customer Acceleration-EMEA at Shopify. 


Key Insights

Maximising Customer Data for Value

Boyton shed light on the client's desire to extract maximum value from existing customer data. According to her, understanding customers deeply is not just a desire but a necessity. By leveraging existing data, businesses can gain insights that allow for a reduction in acquisition costs while simultaneously enhancing the customer experience.

Innovation Amid Uncertainty

Renata Rocha emphasised the importance of continuous innovation, especially during uncertain economic times. She pointed out that brands willing to invest in research and development during such periods tend to experience more significant long-term growth. The consensus among the speakers was that innovation is not a luxury but a strategic imperative.

AI and Automation: Augmenting Human Capabilities

The discussion touched upon the transformative role of technologies like AI and automation. Both Boyton and Rocha acknowledged the opportunities these technologies present in augmenting human capabilities and driving business efficiencies. However, they stressed the need for a cautious approach, advocating for thorough testing and learning before full-scale implementation.

Understanding the Customer Journey: A Key to Success

The session emphasised the importance of a nuanced understanding of the customer journey. Boyton and Rocha advised businesses to identify friction points in the customer experience and strategically map innovations onto key touchpoints. This customer-centric approach, they argued, is crucial for building lasting relationships and driving long-term success.

Balancing Act: Revenue Generation and Innovation

Jim Rudall concluded the session by urging brands to strike a balance between immediate revenue generation and the long-term benefits of planning and innovation. The key takeaway was that while it's essential to meet present demands, forward-thinking strategies and investments in innovation are vital for future success in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape.

In conclusion, the session echoed a resounding sentiment: email is not only alive but thriving, evolving, and ready to shape the future of eCommerce marketing. As technology continues to advance, the strategic integration of email, personalisation, and innovative technologies like AI will undoubtedly be the driving force behind customer engagement, satisfaction, and increased sales. Long live email!

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