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Speaker Q&A with Iris Worldwide

26 Mar 2018

Speaker Q&A with Iris Worldwide

In their Technology for Marketing 2018 appearance, Iris Customer Marketing Practice will be discussing how relationships between brands and people can best flourish in an age of mass data and technology enabled communications. John Bensalhia reports...

1. What are your backgrounds and what made you want to be part of the sector that you work in today?

Mike Cornwell, Chris Whitson, Jason Andrews, Simon Spyer, Partners, Iris Customer Marketing Practice: The partners have all arrived last year, via a mix of client side marketing or agency roles that have motivated and inspired them on a path to believe that building businesses and brands by timely, empathetic and relevant communications has the power to create deep customer affinity and loyalty to those brands and give commercial advantage to their clients.

2. What will you be speaking about at the forthcoming Technology for Marketing event?

Mike, Chris, Jason & Andrew: We will be showing client case studies that demonstrate how relationships between brands and people can best blossom in the era of mass data and technology enabled communications. And what the key ingredients are to make it so.

3. What is the background to Iris-worldwide and what are the key services that it offers?

Mike, Chris, Jason & Andrew: Iris was founded by 6 partners, 18 years ago, and is now a home-grown, International micro network of 13 offices and over 1000 people worldwide. Our model is a fully integrated service offering built around specialist practices covering the full breadth of brand strategy; cross channel creative communications; content creation and distribution; data modelling and analytics; Customer Marketing and MarTech consulting/ implementation; commercial and customer strategy and marketing effectiveness consulting; pricing consulting and online growth marketing media solutions.

4. What are the main advantages/benefits of technology for marketing campaigns?

Mike, Chris, Jason & Andrew: To enable sophisticated, near real time multi-channel messaging, technology clearly holds the keys. The ability to analyse and make sense of multiple customer brand touch points, huge volumes of transactional and behavioural data and make comms recipients feel like they’re empathised with, understood and listened too is not easy!! Indeed, we’ll also talk about how brand damage is being caused when technology is allowed to lead and control communications planning rather than just being used as the enabler.

5. Are there any issues or things to watch out for in the technology age for marketing campaigns?

Mike, Chris, Jason & Andrew: Brand damage as above. Remembering that all relationships are a human-to-human construct – especially ones between brands and their customers or prospects. When customer comms are being planned, and experiences mapped, great care and attention to the human ebb and flows of relationships must be carefully thought through and adapted – know when to sell, know when to reassure, know when to prompt, know when to shut up!

6. What notable developments have there been in the last year for the marketing sector with respect to technology?

Mike, Chris, Jason & Andrew: The relentless creep of AI and AR. The outing and denouncement of shady media and programmatic buying behaviours leading to vast numbers of global media pitches to right what was wrong. The belated realisation, and subsequent ditching, by some of the planet's biggest ad spenders, of large swathes of 'digital' inventory that was both unmeasurable and unproductive. Just how much of what is done by humans today will be done by robots/AI in the future?

7. In the last 20 years, we have seen the likes of the internet, Skype and the Cloud all rise to prominence as tools to benefit marketing. Where do you think marketing will be in relation to technology in 2038?

Mike, Chris, Jason & Andrew: Ha! Will the planet as we know it exist then? It’s so unimaginable that our brains hurt even discussing this. Clearly the march of voice and computing intelligence will continue, technology will be solving problems we don’t even have today, and automation in its broadest sense will proliferate.

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