Speaker Q&A with Fabio De Bernardi, Country and Sales Manager UK, Adverity

Fabio De Bernardi

Fabio De Bernardi, Adverity's Country and Sales Manager, UK, talks to John Bensalhia about the benefits, challenges and futures of marketing data management...

1. When and how did your interest in marketing technology come about?

Back in 2007, I started a company based on affiliate marketing, which was my first foray into digital marketing. Those were pre-iPhone and pre-Facebook days and over the years, I tried to stay involved with all possible disrupting technologies in the digital marketing space.

And now it comes full circle at Adverity, where our customers use our technology to analyse and benchmark the results of their marketing efforts across the multiple channels they use.

2. What is the background and vision of Adverity?
Our founders come from the media agency and e-commerce worlds and have a strong technology background, which allowed them to spot the need for brands and agencies to do more with the data they have available and become more data-driven in their decision making processes. When working with data, too many hours are still spent doing unproductive prep work instead of drawing great recommendations and insights about your marketing campaigns!

And this is the main vision of Adverity – to make it easy for everyone to get more out of their data and for that to be a pain free experience!

3. What are the benefits of managing marketing data?
When you look at the high street and see all those struggling brands and you compare them with pure-play e-commerce businesses, the thing most people mention as the main advantage for e-commerce is the lack of costs associated to having a physical presence.

However, I believe that an even more important cause of the rise of pure-play e-commerce operations is in their “data native” status, by which I mean the attention they put from day one to make decisions based on hard data, including marketing data.

In a world of global, hyper-competition and shrinking margins, every penny invested in the business needs to contribute to the bottom line and it’s vital to have a fine understanding of what marketing channels perform better and learn from each campaign to make the next one better for the company.

4. What are the common mistakes made with marketing data management?
There are three main elements that stop brands and agencies extracting the most out of their / their clients’ marketing data:

• Silos: as long as data is analysed in silos, it will never express its full potential. One case might be a company working with several different agencies and getting multiple reports but none looking at the overall picture. Or simply that different teams look at their own data in isolation and not across the marketing function.

• Lack of specialised technology: despite spreadsheets and slides being most people’s favourites, they are not appropriate tools when it comes to collating and analysing marketing data at scale. An investment in the right technology has become a fundamental hygiene factor for most agencies by now and I'm pleased to see that brands are following suit.

• Skills gap: brands struggle with a significant skills gap when it comes to people who can effectively analyse their marketing data across the board and that has been in part due to a dependency from their agencies. Hiring and nurturing internal talent in data analysis is one of the key priorities for brands, in my opinion.

5. What is the next stage for marketing data management?
We regularly see clients who started with a situation where 70-80% of time dedicated to understanding their marketing campaigns and Return On Ad Spend went into collecting and preparing data, while not enough time went into drawing insights and recommendations.

We aim to flip that relationship on its head and allow people to spend their time in value-add activities, where deep relationships with different datasets and different areas of the business can be drawn. And we expect this to be more and more the case for brands directly in 2019 and not anymore predominantly for agencies only.

6. What are your expectations of the forthcoming three-in-one Technology For Marketing, eCommerce Expo and ad:tech show?

Having three events under the same roof is very appealing to us because it touches on all relevant areas where our technology can help. I am looking forward to meeting many people interested in using technology as an enabler for their marketing success. I’m not a fan of fancy catchphrases and the latest trends, so I look forward to keeping it simple and be able to help marketing professionals in getting the most out of the crucial information hidden in their marketing data.
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