Matchmaking Service

TFM's NEW 1-2-1 meetings tool

Do you dream of meetings which are productive, timely and profitable at the same time
Wake up! Register for TFM 2017 and discover our Matchmaking service, that will allow you to identify the right suppliers and arrange 1-2-1 meetings before the show kicks off! At TFM 2017 we've got your needs covered with 150+ specialist product suppliers, but you'll want to ensure to make the best use of your time at the event. That's what Matchmaking is for, making your meetings: 

  • Efficient. Matchmaking matches you to the martech suppliers that will have real answers to your real business questions. 
  • Time-saving. No queuing to get hold of the most suitable contact; browse exhibitors in advance to identify those who are relevant.
  • Cost-effective. Gone are the days of getting train tickets for you and your team to each potential supplier's head-office: Matchmaking is here and now (27-28 September at Olympia London)

Register for free to attend Technology for Marketing 2017, and discover your top matches (for free, too)*
*Matchmaking is on us, so it's totally free for you to use. 

Your guide to Matchmaking

This is awesome, but how does it work? This handy 5-step guide has covered everything you need to know, to make the most of Matchmaking.
Step 1: Register for TFM 2017 and you'll receive the welcome email with a link to your personal profile!

5 step guide to Matchmaking

If you have your username/password, log in to the Matchmaking portal