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Exhibit at TFM - Testimonials

"The show has been an extremely positive experience: great people, we’ve had so many valuable conversations. The quality of delegates is high, there’s a lot of people in our sweet spot. Many of our competitors are at the show too, so it’s great to get in amongst those to find out what they’re doing. The Matchmaking Service is really good, the event is very well organised. Taking part is important, especially with GDPR coming in: the opted-in data is getting harder and harder to have and get hold of, indeed being at the event is invaluable to build new prospects and fill your CRM system. Even as a digital marketing tool, face-to-face conversations are a valuable way of building new relationships. Emails are a great tool for re-engagement or the continuation of conversations but meeting someone face to face in the first instance is fundamental"

Business Development Manager, Adestra

"Something electrifying has happened to this marketplace in the last 12-16 months, and something special is happening here in the United Kingdom that cannot be duplicated anywhere else on the planet. There’s a coming together of technology, of capital, of resources, of talent, that’s not happening anywhere else: not in Silicon Valley, not in New York, not in Paris, not in Shanghai, only here in London. You cannot do nothing, you must get out and be part of this transition that’s taking place"

Executive Vice President, Global Channels, SplashBI

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