Lessons in ecommerce with world leading Football Clubs


Lessons in ecommerce with world leading Football Clubs

29 Sep 2022
Keynote Theatre

Football clubs have always had to tackle uniquely complex ecommerce challenges – from extreme traffic peaks to handling hundreds of customisation options on a single product. This is all in the context of high fan passion: the audience demands an experience befitting their club and world-class on the pitch must translate to world-class online.

As ecommerce grows, consumer expectations increase and competition heightens, these challenges are no longer the preserve of top-flight sports clubs. Join us as our VIP sports panel reveals what other retailers can learn from their journey to fan-focused commerce.

Insights and strategies into:
- How to use data and personalisation to delight your customers
- The art of improving conversion through user-focused product customisation
- Scaling to handle peak events

Gary Landa, Head of Digital - Digital Boutique
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  • "This is the most important Show of the year for us in the UK. Everyone that we need to speak to attends."
    Blue Venn / Upland Software
  • "There's been a lot of high-level marketing directors here, which has been very beneficial for us."
  • "I think the biggest advantage that this show has on the others, there always seemed to be a constant flow of people."
    Campaign Monitor
  • "This is our biggest event. We've been really busy today."
  • "There are a lot of decision makers, a lot of end users which is great, we are definitely meeting the right people."
    Oracle Bronto


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