Keynote Arena

Creating a truly different customer experience with cognitive computing - by IBM Watson
10:00 - 10:20
Multi-Channel Experience
CTO Watson Customer Engagement UK & I
IBM Watson

Cognitive computing is fundamentally changing not only the customer experiences retailers are able to offer but it is also revolutionising our daily working environment. It’s only by combining artificial intelligence and advanced analytics that we are able to provide our teams with the tools they need to enable a seamless customer experience. Using case studies and real-world retail examples attendees will learn how the use of cognitive technologies are being used today to deliver a differentiated customer experience through inspirational customer journeys while enabling the merchandisers, marketers to be more effective in their day to day work.

Live-demo of Watson - by IBM Watson
10:20 - 10:45
Cutting-Edge Tech
Evangelist, Watson Marketing EMEA
IBM Watson
How modern customers have changed the ecommerce landscape - by Addison Lee
11:00 - 11:45
Chief Customer Officer
Addison Lee
Reimagine customer engagement and commerce in the age of Artificial Intelligence - by SAP Hybris
12:00 - 12:45
Cutting-Edge Tech

Consider whether science fiction films have been accurate in portraying the development of artificial intelligence (AI) as humanity’s undoing. Contemplate if life will imitate art or if we are bound for a different destiny. Evaluate the role that machine learning is playing today, and poised to play tomorrow, in the field of customer engagement and commerce.

Harnessing the power of data: Identifying your best formula - by Shazam, Google, BT and Thomas Cook
15:00 - 15:45
Data-Driven Tactic
MD Media & Partnerships
Thomas Cook
Director Music Partnership
Head of UK Commerce, Global Partnerships EMEA
Head of Marketing Tech & Ops
The Economist
Head of Customer Insights and Futures

Sit down with experts across different industries to look into the usability of data and what they have achieved using the data insights.


Moderator: Steve Lok, The Ecominist 

Online Security for Businesses by Google Digital Garage Training - by Google Digital Garage
16:00 - 17:00
Leadership and strategy
Google Digital Garage

In light of the recent events, this session will set the scene for the importance of staying aware of potential cyber threats, and how you can prevent your business from being compromised by going thought the most common online threats, and understanding how to keep data safe as well as finding out how to deal with a security break. 

Marketing Automation & Email Marketing

The State of B2B Marketing Automation: And Tips to Go Beyond the Basics - by Act-On Software
11:00 - 11:30
Cutting-Edge Tech
Sr Manager, EMEA Marketing
Act-On Software

Act-On recently commissioned a research study with Econsultancy to examine the State of B2B Marketing Automation and look at how companies use and value marketing automation (MA) technology including: Adoption, sophistication of use cases, and overall effectiveness across B2B companies.

In today’s ever-changing, crowded vendor landscape – with fast-multiplying channels – marketers face even bigger challenges to successfully reach, engage with, and nurture buyers, stewarding their journey across the entire lifecycle – from building brand, to driving demand, and expanding customer relationships. During the session, you’ll learn:

  • Information that will help you rethink your current marketing strategies and successfully respond to today’s digitally disrupted world
  • Highlights from our research with Econsultancy including how companies who’ve adopted MA are seeing positive impact on their bottom line and what their expectations vs. reality were.
  • How our customer, Microlise uses MA, the positive results they’ve seen, and we’ll also share actionable tips you can start implementing with your MA right now.
Making influential noise with programmatic approach from online to offline - by Uber
11:45 - 12:15 Multi-Channel Experience
Acquisition Marketing Manager

The trick of making the most of influential marketing is to deliver the right message at the right time. This session is about making the noise that matters by identifying what tools or channels are needed and how to make a moment the 'right moment', as well as what measurement matrix should be in place to ensure the value in driving business growth.

Mastering 'The Dating Game' - How to create engaging relationships with your customers - by Pure360
12:30 - 13:00 Personalisation
Manager, Customer Success

Would you get married after your first meeting with somebody? Probably not. Most people establish a relationship before they take such a big step. They do this by learning what they have in common, what the other person has to offer - by building trust. Historically lead nurturing was the sole domain of the B2B marketer. However, in The Age of the Customer, the ability to do widespread research about any product, topic or brand has changed the game. In this session Ashley will take you through some best practice examples that demonstrate how to stay in the consideration race with your prospects, without pushing them straight to the purchase.

Generating results for the individual using First-Person Marketing - by Adestra
14:00 - 14:30 Personalisation
Customer Success Manager

We’re all under pressure to move away from batch & blast towards an ideal of 1:1 digital marketing. Organisations are increasing their ability to respond to consumers at scale, but many are still hesitant about where to start, how much to commit and how to make this approach work for their business. Suzy Carter-Kent, Customer Success Manager at Adestra will set out 5 ways in which you can begin to have that 1:1 conversation.

Benchmarking your CX capabilities - by TribeCX
15:30 - 16:00 Leadership & Strategy
Competitions + social platforms = your customers do the marketing for you – by Traction Digital
16:15 - 16:45
Multi-Channel Experience
Regional Director UK
Traction Digital

Find out how the world’s top brands are using competitions as a low cost way to engage customers and create viral content.

As a marketer, you spend a lot of time focussed on generating leads, creating brand buzz and keeping customers happy and engaged with relevant content.

Getting people to look your way can be tough.

Competitions have found new life on social platforms because they speak to our competitive drive, the possibility of winning, and can be shared as viral content.

For marketers, they provide the opportunity to tick every box for measurable relevancy: increase brand awareness, create engagement, generate leads, and reward customers. They’re also an amazingly low cost way to get customers to do the marketing for you.

In this session Traction Digital martech expert Sly Yuen, will take you through how some of the biggest brands in the world have run successful competitions for strategic growth.  

Social Media & Search Marketing

The art of storytelling - by United Colors of Benetton
11:00 - 11:30 Multi-Channel Experience
Head of Marketing
United Colors of Benetton

Over the last few decades, marketers have started utilising the art of storytelling to create their brand promise and product communication which distinct themselves in the market and to customers. This session helps you to identify the objective and outcome setting from the storytelling exercise, as well as look into the areas that are often overlooked yet extremely essential during the process of storytelling.

Making the most of the digital disruption in the media landscape - by Elite Business
12:30 - 13:00
Leadership and strategy
Managing Director
Elite Business

Without a doubt, the media landscape has witnessed more digital disruption than almost any other area of the economy. Gone are the days where interruptive techniques and poorly targeted display ads dominate: technology has enabled many different marketing techniques to proliferate and this means that to remain competitive marketers need to embrace a broad range of tools to reach new audiences.

While at first glance this may seem intimidating, thanks to the proliferation of products and solutions now available it’s simple and straightforward for brands to build up a multifaceted strategy that is precisely tailored to their individual needs. Whether you want to build brand awareness and ensure you’re front of mind when potential customers are at the point of purchase, boost an audience’s affinity for your brand and become a trusted voice in your field or slice and segment an audience to target the promotion of specific elements of your offering, this session will help you navigate the ever-shifting digital domain and make the most of myriad different media.

A shopping list for ecommerce content inspiration - by Screaming Frog
14:00 - 14:30 Leadership & Strategy
SEO Manager
Screaming Frog

One of search's biggest challenges is building content for ecommerce sites - building audience captivating marketing material, helpful resource information or even your product content while maintaining brand feel.

Charlie doesn't think it must be this way.

He will share how different resources, some in-house, and some online, can provide bags of material for content around your product or service. Join this session to learn how researching your audience?s needs and language, making use of your biggest offline assets and analysing the market makes content that delights your customers.

The Facebook Canvas campaign which delivered over 3,000% ROI - by Exodus Travel and Digital Hybrid
15:30 - 16:00 Multi-Channel Experience
Managing Director
Digital Hybrid
Marketing Director
Exodus Travel

Telling the story of your brand in an engaging way has become crucial for marketers across the globe but how do you convert that engagement in to genuine, tangible results?

Join adventure travel specialist, Exodus Travels, and social media agency, Digital Hybrid, for a case study on their award-winning social media campaign that combined high quality content and innovative social strategy to deliver over 3,000 per cent ROI. Jae Hopkins, Marketing Director - Exodus Travels, will explain the content-led strategy which provided the campaign with such high-quality assets, while Chris Barned, Managing Director - Digital Hybrid, will detail the use of Facebook Canvas and the full-funnel approach this enabled.

With a proven audience on Facebook, the challenge for Exodus was to convert engagement into bookings while increasing brand awareness. By showcasing the passion of their tour leaders, they were able to introduce people to new destinations through the eyes of a local. The campaign has subsequently won two awards at The Drum’s 2017 Marketing On Mobile Awards (MOMAs). 

Content Marketing

Finding your formula for content success: BuzzSumo & LinkedIn research findings
10:15 - 10:45 Leadership & Strategy
Head of Content Marketing

The biggest waste of time in content marketing is producing content that doesn't resonate, and that doesn't get viewed or shared by your audience. This session will explore the elements that drive reach, authority and ROI for your industry.

Creating your bespoke music content to engage with your customers and strengthen your brand strategy - by Shazam
11:45 - 12:15 Data Driven Tactic
Director Music Partnership

How music marketing can help with brand building.

How to design a future proofed digital ecosystem - by Bupa
13:15 - 13:45
Chief Digital Architect
Leveraging evolving technologies in A.I. to get your digital house in order - by Extensis
14:00 - 14:30 Cutting-Edge Tech
Director, European Business
EMEA Sales Engineer

With the evolution of technology, solutions need to quickly adapt stay current with market needs and requirements. Staying organised is still crucial, but having your systems working efficiently and an integrated manner has taken centre stage too.
Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions have been helping companies stay organised and keep track of ALL their assets for years, and the capabilities are evolving to add even more business value.
In this session, we will discuss how an innovative technology like Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is adding value to DAM and what businesses are able to do as a result.

Pics or it didn't happen - The power of infographic - by Statista
14:45 - 15:15 Data Driven Tactic
Head of Content Marketing & Information Design

Every day a huge amount of data was produced that is equivalent to the content of a staple of books that stretches 95% of the distance from the earth to the moon. At the same time, we have an average attention span of only 8 seconds, according to Canadian researchers. Welcome to the age of information overload!

How to use the 8 seconds most effectively is the pain point proven to be increasingly challenging to marketers. One format to overcome this is infographic, or similar forms of information design.

Working at one of the largest statistics and market data portals worldwide, and creating custom information design projects for companies on a global scale, this presentation aims to showcase the most interesting, viral and memorable cases and examples "out there"- what infographic made our server crash, why on earth an airline painted infographics on the aircrafts, and how to visualise Daniel Craig is the only James Bond who drank more Martini's than women he kissed.

The session will provide key takeaways on how infographics and custom information design can benefit SEO work, PR, brand management, social media success and the build-up of followers or communities.

Accelerating user acquisition and amplifying content reach in the mobile era - by Zinio
15:30 - 16:00 Personalisation
Global Digital Marketing Manager

We are in the era where mobile is the most basic medium to connect every individual with the world. This represents a significant opportunity for content producers to reach out to a much wider audience. Zinio is the app to make this happen as it brings rich digital magazine content to mobile users by offering them the ability to purchase any single issue or to commit as long term subscribers in an easy and secure way. Using Zinio's secure payment system, customers are required to use their mobile to verify the payment. The cost of each purchase can be credited to their mobile bill, regardless it is a monthly plan or Pay As You Go. With Zinio's innovative approach that opens up an alternate distribution channel, the digital magazines are now able to access millions of new users from around the world.

Data & Analytics

Transforming data into innovative partnerships - by Thomas Cook
10:15 - 10:45
Multi-Channel Experience

Thomas Cook Group works with thousands of holiday destinations and hotel brands around the world, all of them looking to source holiday bookings from its millions of online visitors and thousands of high street stores. Hear how Thomas Cook used data to create ‘Everywhere’ – a new cutting-edge, multi-channel marketing solution that drives innovative brand partnerships across online, social, in store and on route. Everywhere has taken our partners from single-channel promotion to the powerful world of customer-focused, multi-channel marketing - targeting the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Time and time again.

How to measure and improve your Return on Martech - by Smart Insights
11:00 - 11:30 Leadership & Strategy
CEO & Co-Founder
Smart Insights

Selecting, deploying and evaluating the right marketing technology for your business is now essential to compete. But making the case for investment and reviewing the effectiveness of your Martech stack isn't straightforward given the range of different vendors. In this interactive talk, digital marketing guru Dave Chaffey will share techniques and examples of Martech to help you futureproof your Martech roadmap. Dave will cover:

- Mindtools to help you select the right Martech mix
- How to evaluate your deployments and their benefits across the customer lifecycle
- How to answer the Marketing Cloud vs Best-of-breed question
- How to maximize customer and campaign data integration

Going beyond the dashboard: The modern approach towards building a data-centric organisation - by Financial Times
11:45 - 12:15 Leadership & Strategy
Technical Director - Internal Product
Financial Times
Head of Product - Business Technology
Financial Times

Iterative customer centric product development is a well-established methodology for delivering customer facing products and apps. But for internal products this is a relatively new discipline. Hear about how the Financial Times has put data at the centre of sales, marketing and customer services operations by adopting an interactive, product led approach to the development of its CRM tools.

Do you need another copywriter? Or a data scientist? - by Cheetah Digital
13:15 - 13:45
Multi-Channel Experience
Cheetah Digital

Ever been struggling for something to say to your customers? You need to keep pushing out content to cut through the noise. But does it all feels a bit samey?

Anxious brands are pumping content onto the internet at an astonishing rate, filling new channels to try and stand out in a noisy environment. Now, more than ever, marketers are sensitive to the activity of competitors – getting share of voice has become more important than what you’re saying.

The problem is that, in most cases, brands are not putting their customers first. What she really wants to hear about is ‘what's in it for me?’.

Ben Christensen, a Cheetah Digital Consultant, will show you how your own data can make contact with your customer more relevant, more interesting, and stickier.

How Mazda improves customer experience through smart data activation with a DMP - By Mazda and Relay42
14:00 - 14:30
Data-Driven Tactic
Manager Online Marketing & Data

As a relatively small player, Mazda needs to do things smarter. In their view, big data is nice, but smart data will get you further. The good news is that leveraging smart data to orchestrate and personalise customer journeys in real-time can be done relatively easily by taking small steps. Join Robert Vonk, Manager of Online Marketing & Data at Mazda, and learn why he decided to use the Data Management Platform (DMP) from Relay42 to realise his ambitions to establish an engaging, seamless customer experience. Robert will also share how smart activation of data with a DMP reduced media budget waste through smarter bidding strategies and increased conversions through personalisation of multiple touchpoints.

The path of least resistance - How online behaviour apes evolutionary biology - by Sessioncam and giffgaff
15:30 - 16:00 Data & Analytics Theatre
Optimisation Manager
Chief Product Officer

Comparing your customers to apes isn’t flattering but the truth is the way we all act is a product of evolution. We’re hardwired to take the path of least resistance and that’s evident in our online behavior. In this session, you’ll find out about the ‘spectrum of struggle’ that your customers encounter and see how frustration differs across 20 different industry sectors. You’ll also discover how giffgaff radically changed its checkout process to deliver a 300% increase in ROIs.


Revolutionise your email marketing flow - by Taxi for Email and Hachette
10:00 - 10:20 Multi-Channel Experience
Multi-Channel Experience
Group Head of Audience engagement
Hachette UK
VP Global Partnerships and Industry Relations
Taxi for Email

Email marketing is one of the best channels to market your business. Running email marketing programmes as part of your digital marketing strategy can bring a whole series of unique challenges. Even the simplest of campaigns can take forever to execute.

As digital marketing becomes more reliant on sophisticated technologies, so should your email programmes to make sure you take advantage of all the different kinds of devices.

You may have been searching for ways to do this, or tried to design and develop your own responsive HTML email templates. This is not as easy as it seems and many problems can occur, making the non tech users hesitant to create their own HTML email templates.

Taxi for email allows marketers, designers and developers to do what they do best and reduce deployment time. Whilst also giving clients the large amount of flexibility they need to produce high quality emails at scale with the best possible tools available.

Digital natives require Hollywood-style working - by Workfront
10:40 - 11:00
Cutting-Edge Tech
VP EMEA Operations

“Quiet on the set. Lights, Camera, Action!” The script is done, the scene is set, now you just need the perfect cast and crew. When it comes to producing Oscar-winning work, Hollywood has it right. The future of work isn’t going to be a monolithic slog, but rather a Hollywood-style where knowledge workers (actors) come together and perform their part and then move on to do the next film. Why? Recent research shows that in the next few years, the millennial generation of rising stars will be the majority of the workforce. These digital natives require a different style of working, one that’s flexible and rewarding. They want to be stars!

This new way of working not only requires a different approach, it requires that each individual be a personal innovator – a Star. This session will help you learn first-hand examples of how to use marketing tech and other approaches as well as tips and tricks on how you can be a star of your next project and take your walk down the red carpet. “That’s a wrap.”

How Predictive Analytics Accelerates B2B Marketing Success - by BrightTarget
11:20 - 11:40
Data-Driven Tactic

According to Forrester, “Early Predictive Marketing Analytics (PMA) adopters are seeing their efforts turn into real, measurable results. Improved ability to identify new ready-to buy prospects, enhance segmentation precision, and better prioritise sales-ready leads are among the efficiency enhancements that marketing and sales teams experience after deploying predictive analytics.”


In this presentation, we go beyond the hype surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI), predictive analytics and machine learning to explain how it works and why it is perfect for B2B.

We explore the four most popular use cases having the biggest impact on B2B sales and marketing effectiveness and ROI, supported by case studies and performance metrics.

Content that Saves the World from BBC Media Action and Imagen - by Imagen
12:40 - 13:00
Multi-Channel Experience
VP Channel Strategy
Imagen Ltd

Find out how BBC Media Action are making use of Imagen’s cutting edge media centre platform to distribute content across the world fast in order to transform lives in third world countries and war-torn locations.

The trust produce over 200 hours of video per year and reach over 200 million people in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Caucasus, the Middle East and North America.  In order to inspire content makers and encourage collaboration, the project with Imagen implemented an online multimedia archive to share educational content around the developing world.  This large library of media content, aimed at bringing lasting change to people’s lives, is distributed through a dedicated Imagen video portal which is branded and customised for BBC Media Action.  The fantastically useful tool makes it possible for staff in different regions to access information and media that otherwise would be unknown to them.

The Imagen web platform solves a growing problem of managing video and a wealth of media assets in a secure and elegant way.  The easy-to-use, branded, media centre helps businesses to adapt to the accelerated use of video communications and solve all media storage, access, metadata management, content search and distribution inefficiencies locally and globally.  

Stop Finger Pointing: A CMO’s advice on achieving harmony between sales & marketing through analytics by SplashBI
13:20 - 13:40 Data Driven Tactic

Since the beginning, Sales and Marketing have been at odds.  Rarely do Marketing Departments and Sales Departments see eye-to-eye.  Like sibling rivalries, these two are in a constant battle for attention and praise.  Yet the truth of the matter is, neither can be successful without the other.  The most successful organisations understand this dynamic and deploy strategies that hold both departments accountable as an interdependent unit.

In this session, Marc Ramos, CMO of SplashBI, will discuss how organisations should go beyond policy and leverage integrated analytics and dashboards throughout the entire sales cycle to fill the rift between sales and marketing.  He will illustrate how this process has changed / matured through the years and how today’s most successful Sales/Marketing departments win by filling the gap between sales & marketing with integrated data and analytics.

 The end result? A unified team that is accountable at all levels with laser focus on the organisation’s revenue goals.

Why you will never again publish your content as a PDF - by Instant Magazine
14:00 - 14:20 The LAB
Co-founder & CEO
Instant Magazine

Daan Reijnders, Co-founder and CEO of Instant Magazine, aims to unleash a latent need, inspiring you to actually start engaging your audience like never before...
He will explain why you should translate your current corporate communications and sales collateral into rich, personalized stories as of tomorrow. Engaging stories that are easily consumed by your audience on each device, tailored to your own brand identity. And last but not least, Daan will elaborate on what additional advantages digital publications have above currently used solutions such as print and PDF.

Grow your business with Google Shopping - by Smarter Ecommerce
15:20 - 15:40 Multi-Channel Experience
Business Development UK
Smarter Ecommerce

When Google Shopping first started, smartphones weren’t so smart, and no one imagined that entire campaigns would one day be staked on mobile. Intuition and habit have led the market to approach Google Shopping as a desktop platform, with tablets and mobile playing a secondary role. But mobile has made a stunningly fast ascent to the top of the device food chain. Now marketers must adapt their bidding strategies and broaden their outlook. Our talk informs advertisers how to outcompete within this accelerated, handheld ecosystem.

Google Shopping takes many forms on mobile: YouTube ads, Local Inventory ads, and Showcase ads — all in addition to the standard Shopping channel. To succeed with mobile shoppers, marketers need to be highly engaged in each channel. Our talk reviews the statistics surrounding mobile buyers and discusses how to optimize your account structure for flexible, device-oriented implementation. Moreover, we demonstrate the benefit of creating a granular, item-level campaign structure that is suitable for data-driven decision making. Finally, for retailers who struggle under the burden of iterative tasking and analysis, we highlight the advantages of employing machine learning to enhance the AdWords experience and to capture the mobile market.

PayFlic: mobile shopping even easier than SNAP! - by PayFlic
16:00 - 16:20
Multi-Channel Experience
Founder and CEO

Shopping on social media is huge. You see something, you follow the link, you stick it in the basket, you buy. But what happens if you see products in different posts and want to buy from all of them?   Payflic allows you to shop on social media, snap each post, and pay for everything from a single PayFlic basket.  You can pay for multiple products, from multiple merchants, using just one PayFlic shopping basket - Simple, intuitive, and fast!

In this session, Founder and CEO Ben Goodenough will tour you through PayFlic’s game-changing technology. Ben will explain how PayFlic works, and will describe the massive benefits PayFlic brings to the mobile shopping experience.